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Although our main business is Mowing Lawns, we share info. on equipment and methods to further our mission.

The Scotts reel mower is tried and true and easy to sharpen, and they recently have improved handle and cutting efficiency – it is still the MowGreen standard reel. MowGreen uses the Scott’s mower when reeling primarily, but we welcome your feedback and suggestions. The MowGreen Reel2Reel(TM) double or triple gang kit works on the Scotts and we have yet to test it on other 20″ reels.

We also use battery powered mowers from Black & Decker and MeanGreen. They are charged with HQ solar or 100% green sourced power. The MeanGreen, which is fast, wide, Quiet, and runs all day on a single charge, is a game changer.

We also use battery-powered Worx trimmers/edgers, EGO trimmers, saws, hedgers & blowers, for the quick charge and lighter weight of the Lithium Ion batteries. We still use rakes and brooms when feasible : ). The EGO blowers which are powerful and quiet are game changers for low-emissions lawncare.

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SnowGreen™ promotes people powered snow gear and eco-friendly de-ice and anti-slip (see blog for more info.)
Zero Emissions: Mowing * Trimming * Edging * Sweep Up * Hedging * Weeding * Mulching * Gardening * Organic Treatments & Tick Control


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