Quiet, Gas-free Lawncare

Solar Charged Battery Powered – No Gasoline!

Over 1,000 acres mowed without gas, avoiding 4  Million auto-mile equivalent emissions.

Over 100 Metric Tons of air pollution avoided annually.

1 Gas-Mowed Lawn = 10,000 auto miles & over 4 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions per Year = 1 Car on road.


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MowGreen in the News


News 23 Report In The News

Dan Delventhal and Marty Murray mowed 4 acres of grass in Greenwich with push reel mowers to make a statement about air pollution and lawncare. It was 95 degrees out and they pushed 3 mowers […]

Greenwich Post Article In The News

Have you ever mowed your lawn with the loud din of the motor ringing in your ear and the fumes clogging your nose and thought there had to be a better way than this? . . .